Restaurants that carry Century Farm Wine

Jackson Tn and West Tennessee have quite a few restaurants that carry Century Farm Wine. While we would love for you to come out to the winery and buy all the wine we have by the case, we understand that sometimes it is just nice to have a glass with dinner. Or maybe you are out with friends and just want to share a bottle.

Here is a list of all the places you can do that.


Picasso Bistro & Pizzeria




Flatiron Grille and Bistro


Bistro Eleven Sixty


West Alley BBQ & Smokehouse


Baudos Restaurant


Blue Bank Resort


Don’t forget you can always buy wine from us at the winery or have it shipped to your door by ordering here.

Restaurants that carry Century Farm Wine

Picasso Bistro & Pizzeria, Chandelier, Flatiron Grille and Bistro, Bistro Eleven Sixty, West Alley BBQ & Smokehouse, Baudos Restaurant, and Blue Bank Resort