Private Tastings

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Private Wine Tasting

Cost: $15 per guest
Duration: 60 minutes
6 Guest Minimum – 10 Guest Maximum

This intimate tasting event, away from the hustle and bustle of our tasting room, has been designed with you and your small group in mind. We invite you to partake in a private tasting in our production room, (if the weather permits) our side yard, or vineyard.

The tour will begin with a brief history of the farm, how the winery came to be, and a little about the production process. Next your Host or Hostess will guide you through 8 different wine tastings and will suggest savory foods to pair with your favorite selections. A tray of palate cleansing foods will also be provided to aid in the enhancement of each sample.
Includes a souvenir vinyl logo sticker.

Wine and Cheese Flight

Cost: $20 per guest
Duration: 75 minutes
6 Guest Minimum – 10 Guest Maximum

How about a little cheese with that wine? This delicious pairing event was created for those that want to seem a bit more knowledgeable when it comes to making a good first “wine” impression.

Like our private wine tasting, this tour will begin with a brief introduction to the history of the farm and how the winery came about. After that you will be served 4 different styles of wine and cheeses that complement one another perfectly. Here you and your Host or Hostess will discuss the notes that the different cheeses bring out in the wines and why each selection pairs well together.

Elevated Wine and Charcuterie

Cost: $30 per guest
Duration: 120 minutes
6 Guest Minimum – 10 Guest Maximum

Have you ever wanted to learn how to perfect wine, charcuterie, and cheese pairings? By the end of this pairing event, we guarantee you’ll have knowledge needed to be the next great charcuterie board creator!

At this unforgettable elevated experience, you will enjoy 5 different styles of wines. In addition, you will enjoy a charcuterie board, that we have crafted to perfectly complement your wine tasting. This pairing is perfect of birthdays, Bachelorette parties, Valentines, or any other reason you have to celebrate!


*Groups of  10 or more – Please call for availability & special pricing options*


Upon requesting a reservation, we ask that you please note the following:
Space is limited and reservations are required beforehand.
Guests must be at least 21 years of age or older. Nonpaying guests will not be permitted to attend.
At the time of booking, we ask that a 50% security deposit be made. Please note that your booking is nonrefundable within 48 hours of your event.
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your event. Reservation times are firm, a late arrival will reduce the time allotted for your event.
No outside food or beverages are permitted.
If any guest has a food allergy, please inform us at the time of booking.

Contact Paige Keith, to begin your booking process today!