Meet the Team

Welcome to Century Farm Winery’s Meet the Team page, where you’ll get a glimpse into the passionate individuals who bring the art of winemaking to life. Our dedicated team at Century Farm Winery is the heart and soul behind our exceptional wines and the unforgettable experiences we offer.

Century Farm Winery’s Team

bart horton owner

Bart – Proprietor and Master Winemaker

Neka Horton - manager/ owner
Neka – Tasting Room Maestro

Will Horton

Will – A Multifaceted Presence at Century Farm Winery

Tom - Tasting Room

Tom – Tasting Room Expert

Krystal Tasting Room Expert

Krystal – Tasting Room Expert

Brandi – Tasting Room Expert and Wine Club Manager


Tesha Vineyard Specialist

Tesha – Vineyard Specialist

Michele- Marketing and Event Coordinator