February Wine Of The Month: Cranberry

CFW’s Cranberry Wine, is the perfect blend of sweet and tart. The taste and smell of this captivating wine, come from the 100% cranberry juice, that we use to make it. Our Cranberry Wine is always a hit during the holiday season, but its crisp and refreshing taste, make it perfect for any year-round celebration. It’s so refreshing that it may be enjoyed by itself, or we recommend pairing it with foods that have a little kick to them, such as a nice warm and spicy bowl of chili or a southwestern style soup.

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January Wine Of The Month: Nashberry

Once again we have teamed up with our friends in Nashville, at 615 Wine Cellar, to bring you another deliciously sweet Wine of the Month. Nashberry is the perfect blend of our blueberry and blackberry wines. It offers just the right amount of sweetness and tartness, or should we say sassiness! Nashberry makes a refreshing sipping wine for most any occasion or skip the dessert and enjoy a glass after that perfect meal.

Wine of the Month Special:
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Purchase 6 Bottles Save 15%
Purchase 6 Bottles Save 25%

December Wine of the Month: Antebellum

If you enjoy sipping on our Chardonel, we can guarantee you’ll be just as pleased with this lovely wine we collaborated on, with our friends at 615 Wine Cellar. Antebellum is a perfectly crisp, smooth, fruit-forward wine, that is best served chilled. If you are looking for something to pair it with, we suggest white creamy cheeses, grilled chicken dishes, pasta with cream sauces, and pumpkin pie. 

Wine of the Month Special:
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November Wine of the Month: Bachelorette Blend

Bachelorette Blend is a Sweet Wine made from two of the South’s most traditional fruit flavors the Muscadine and Peach. We initially made this wine blend for our friends at 615 Wine Cellar in Nashville and now it’s available here at Century Farm Winery. Come out and give it a try, I’m sure you’re going to like it.

October Wine of the Month: Red Muscadine

The southern tradition of sweet Muscadine Wine is October’s Wine of the Month. We refer to Muscadines as a walk down memory lane. Do you remember eating Muscadine’s at Grandma’s house or having jam made by a family friend or maybe you had an uncle that made a batch of Muscadine Wine and kept it hidden in the closet. Come try some of our Red Muscadine Wine and relive the days of the past.

August 2020 Wine Of The Month

Peach Lady:

Peach Lady is a very subtle and refreshing peach wine with a delicate flavor. This pour, makes a great dessert wine or refreshing beverage on a hot afternoon.

Awards – 2009 & 2010 Silver Medal Wines of the South, 2013 Bronze Medal Dixie Classic Fair

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May 2020 Wine of the Month

May Wine of the Month is White Muscadine

We like to say that drinking a glass of White Muscadine Wine is like taking a stroll down memory lane.  Many of us grew up picking Muscadines off the vine at our grandparents home or having your favorite jam, jelly or pie made from the fruit that is native to the South.  Century Farm Winery’s White Muscadine Wine is a sweet wine with a slightly nutty taste and has that undeniable smell of the Muscadine.  You may enjoy a glass all by itself or pair it with a snack of mixed nuts or slices of apple.  However you choose to enjoy your glass of Muscadine wine it will take you back in time to yester years.  Enjoy!

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March 2020 Wine of the Month

Velvet Rose’ – A true rose´ by definition, this wine is made from pressing the juice off the Red Muscadine’s skins and seeds and quickly going to fermentation. With a nice clean body and beautiful pink rose´ color the Velvet Rose´ is a unique Southern wine. Served chilled, it makes a great sweet sipping wine.

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February 2020 Wine of the Month

We are rolling with Cranberry as the Wine of the Month for February. 3 bottles for 20% off while it lasts.

This great holiday wine is made especially as a table wine for those fabulous Thanksgiving & Christmas dinners. The sharp acidity of this 100% cranberry juice is well balanced by its subtle sweetness. Surprisingly, it pairs well with spicy foods, such as chili, but is especially great with those leftover turkey sandwiches.

Awards – 2010 Silver Medal Wines of the South, 2012 Bronze Medal Wines of the South, 2019 Bronze Medal Wines of the South.