Announcing the 2014 release of our popular CRANBERRY WINE on Saturday Oct. 4th, 2014!   
This delicious wine is great for the coming holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Come one , come all and get your supply for this year’s festivities.


Wine of the Month for October 2014
The Wine of the month is RED MUSCADINE – Buy 3 bottles @$11.00 each or $33.00 plus sales tax.  This Red Muscadine is special because we recently received a GOLD MEDAL and “BEST OF CLASS” awards at the 2014 INDY INTERNATIONAL WINE COMPETITION.  Instead of raising the price because it’s an award winning wine, we have lowered it so that everyone get to sample an excellent wine.


Cayuga White is just loaded and very ripe for picking.


Stuben very sweet now and still climbing.


Chambourcin ripening in the sun.



Wine Club Now Open!
Please consider joining the
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