Norton – August 2018 Wine Of The Month

Norton 3 Bottles for $33


Known as the State Grape of Missouri, Norton is an American native grape that was influential in saving the wine industry in the late 1800s through grafting of European Vitis Vinifera and native vine roots to cease the spread of phylloxera.  Also known by some as Cynthiana, the Norton/Cynthiana wines have gained recognition, not only in America but throughout Europe.

Norton is comprised of high acid, light tannins and lower balanced alcohol.  Younger vines produce concentrated flavors of blackberries, black cherries, chocolate, and vanilla while older vines may appear spicy with earthy aromas.  Aged in our American oak barrels, you may detect a bit of oak in the nose and palate.  Due to the high acidity, Norton is a good match for anything rich such as steaks, creamy sauces, cheeses, and barbecued meats.

Awards – 2014 Bronze Medal Indy International, 2013 Bronze Dixie Classic Fair, 2008 & 2009 Bronze Medal Winner Wines of the South, 2011 Silver Medal Winner Wines of the South.

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