September 2018 Wine Of The Month

September 2018 Wine Of The Month

3 bottles for $33

The September 2018 Wine Of The Month, Traminette is a cross of the French American hybrid Joannes Seyve and the German Gewürztraminer and was originally developed at the University of Illinois.  It is considered by some to be one of the higher quality hybrid grapes.  Traminette was found to have excellent wine quality, combined with good productivity, partial resistance to several fungal diseases, and cold hardiness superior to its acclaimed parent, Gewürztraminer while retaining a similar character.

Traminette wines tend to be floral and spicy, and are made in both dry and off-dry styles.  It is an easy sipping wine that goes great with pears, apples, nuts, and cheeses.  Often paired with seafood and fish entrees as well as grilled pork tenderloins and turkey breasts.


Silver Medal Winner Indy International, 2009 Bronze Medal Winner Wines of the South. 

Winner of the William O. Beach Award at the 2011 Wines of the South Competition.  This is the highest award given for a TN grown fruit.

September 2018 Wine Of The Month

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Norton – August 2018 Wine Of The Month

August 2018 Wine Of The Month

Norton 3 Bottles for $33


Known as the State Grape of Missouri, Norton is an American native grape that was influential in saving the wine industry in the late 1800s through grafting of European Vitis Vinifera and native vine roots to cease the spread of phylloxera.  Also known by some as Cynthiana, the Norton/Cynthiana wines have gained recognition, not only in America but throughout Europe.

Norton is comprised of high acid, light tannins and lower balanced alcohol.  Younger vines produce concentrated flavors of blackberries, black cherries, chocolate, and vanilla while older vines may appear spicy with earthy aromas.  Aged in our American oak barrels, you may detect a bit of oak in the nose and palate.  Due to the high acidity, Norton is a good match for anything rich such as steaks, creamy sauces, cheeses, and barbecued meats.

Awards – 2014 Bronze Medal Indy International, 2013 Bronze Dixie Classic Fair, 2008 & 2009 Bronze Medal Winner Wines of the South, 2011 Silver Medal Winner Wines of the South.

Corot Noir – July 2018 Wine of the Month

Corot Noir

Corot Noir

3 bottle for $33 plus tax

Corot Noir is a hybrid grape variety for use in red wine production as either a blend or varietal wine. The hybrid developed by grape breeder Bruce Reisch at Cornell University is a cross between hybrids Deyve Villard and Steuben in 1970.

Corot Noir is void of the typical hybrid red grape aromas and has its own unique aroma consisting of berry and cherry. It is deep red in color and often compared to the French hybrid Chambourcin. It pairs well with roasted leg of lamb, spaghetti Bolognese, and braised meat stews.

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Vintage Muscat – June 2018 Wine of the Month

Vintage Muscat

Wine of the Month – Vintage Muscat 3 bottles for $33

The Muscat family of grapes include over 200 grape varieties belonging to the Vitis vinifera species that have been used in wine production and as raisin and table grapes around the globe for many centuries. Their colors range from white to yellow, to pink to near black. Muscat grapes and wines almost always have a pronounced sweet floral aroma.

The breadth and number of varieties of muscat suggest that it is perhaps the oldest domesticated grape variety, and there are theories that most families within the Vitis vinifera grape variety are descended from the Muscat variety. Some familiar Muscat wines from around the globe are the sparkling Muscato Asti (Italy), Liqueur Muscat (France), fortified Moscatels (Spain) and the ever-popular Muscato (Americas).

Vintage Muscat is Century Farm’s version of the Muscato except that it is not overly sweet – just enough sweetness to balance with the acidity. Very fruity on the front end with plenty of citrus on the mid-palate. Very refreshing sipping wine.

Chardonel – May 2018 Wine of the Month


Wine of the Month – Chardonel, 3 for $39

Chardonel is a hybrid grape developed by Cornel University and is a combination of the American hybrid Seyval and French Chardonnay.   It is a rich, fruit-forward wine with a smooth butter finish.

This dry and refreshing white wine exhibits a complex set of aromas and flavors –vanilla, pineapple, lime, cedar, pear, and green apple.

Similar in style to its parent grape, Chardonnay.

Best when served chilled and pairs well with white creamy cheeses, pasta with cream sauces and pesto.

It also compliments basil, rosemary, and mushrooms.  Chardonel goes wonderfully with grilled chicken, sea bass and trout.

Almonds, apples, vanilla cake and banana bread make for delightful snacks to accompany this very popular wine.

Awards – 2012 Wines of the South Bronze Medal

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Madison Muscat – April Wine Of The Month

Madison Muscat

For the month of April, you can get 3 bottles of Madison Muscat for $33

This months Wine of the Month, Madison Muscat, comes from 100% Valvin Muscat vines grown here at Century Farm Winery.

The Valvin Muscat is a hybrid grape developed by Cornell University and recently released for production in 2006.  The Valvin Muscat Grape is a result of a cross between Muscat Ottonel and hybrid Muscat du Moulin.

This award-winning wine has hints of citrus and melon flavors with a soft lingering finish.  It has a nice even balance of sweetness and acidity which makes for a great semi-sweet sipping wine.

The Madison Muscat pairs well with mild cheeses and fruit desserts.

Stop by the winery and pick some up or you can buy online, here.


Irish Rose – March Wine of the Month

Irish Rose

Wine of the Month – Irish Rose, 3 Bottles for $33 plus tax

A true Blush wine produced by Century Farm Winery in the sense that two finished wines were blended together.  A darkish pink colored wine resulting from the blend of Corot Noir and Cayuga which carries a heavier body than white wines.

Often referred to as a “Summer Wine”, we like to describe Irish Rose´ as a “Party Wine” due to the fact that it may be appreciated by both the white or red wine connoisseur.  Best when served chilled and is an excellent accompaniment to salads, hors-d’oeuvres and desserts.

Awards – 2013 Silver Medal Dixie Classic Fair