May 2020 Wine of the Month

May Wine of the Month is White Muscadine

We like to say that drinking a glass of White Muscadine Wine is like taking a stroll down memory lane.  Many of us grew up picking Muscadines off the vine at our grandparents home or having your favorite jam, jelly or pie made from the fruit that is native to the South.  Century Farm Winery’s White Muscadine Wine is a sweet wine with a slightly nutty taste and has that undeniable smell of the Muscadine.  You may enjoy a glass all by itself or pair it with a snack of mixed nuts or slices of apple.  However you choose to enjoy your glass of Muscadine wine it will take you back in time to yester years.  Enjoy!

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Purchase 12-Bottles and Save 25%

March 2020 Wine of the Month

Velvet Rose’ – A true rose´ by definition, this wine is made from pressing the juice off the Red Muscadine’s skins and seeds and quickly going to fermentation. With a nice clean body and beautiful pink rose´ color the Velvet Rose´ is a unique Southern wine. Served chilled, it makes a great sweet sipping wine.

3 Bottles Saves 10%
6 Bottles Saves 15%
12 Bottles Saves 25%

Discount applies to in winery purchases only.

February 2020 Wine of the Month

We are rolling with Cranberry as the Wine of the Month for February. 3 bottles for 20% off while it lasts.

This great holiday wine is made especially as a table wine for those fabulous Thanksgiving & Christmas dinners. The sharp acidity of this 100% cranberry juice is well balanced by its subtle sweetness. Surprisingly, it pairs well with spicy foods, such as chili, but is especially great with those leftover turkey sandwiches.

Awards – 2010 Silver Medal Wines of the South, 2012 Bronze Medal Wines of the South, 2019 Bronze Medal Wines of the South.

January 2020 Wine of the Month

January Wine of the Month is Blueberry Wine – Buy 3 or more bottles and get 20% off your purchase

What better way to keep the goodness flowing after the holidays than a 3-pack of Century Farm Winery’s Blueberry Wine. A sweet fruit wine made from luscious blueberries. A delicious wine that can be enjoyed by itself or as a delightful dessert wine.

November Wine of the Month | Norton

Purchase 3 bottles and save 20%

Known as the State Grape of Missouri and often referred to as the Cabernet of the Ozarks. Norton is an American native grape that was influential in saving the wine industry in the late 1800’s through grafting of European vitis vinifera and native vine roots to cease the spread of Phylloxera. Also know by some as Cynthiana, the Norton/Cynthiana wines have gained recognition, not only in America, but throughout Europe.

Norton is comprised of high acid, light tannins and lower balanced alcohol. Younger vines produce concentrated flavors of blackberries, black cherries, chocolate and vanilla while older vines may appear spicy with earthy aromas. Aged in our American oak barrels, you may detect a bit of oak in the nose and palate. Due to the high acidity Norton is a good match for anything rich such as steaks, creamy sauces, cheeses and barbecued meats.

Awards – 2014 Bronze Medal Indy International, 2013 Bronze Dixie Classic Fair, 2008 & 2009 Bronze Medal Winner Wines of the South, 2011 Silver Medal Winner Wines of the South

October Wine of the Month | Blackberry Wine

Purchase 3-bottles of Blackberry Wine and receive 20% off in-store purchases only.

A fruity, well balanced, slightly sweet, dessert wine made from 100% Marion blackberries. Best served chilled and pairs well with cheesecake.

Awards – 2008 & 2010 Bronze Medal Wines of the South, 2014 Silver Medal Indy International, 2016 Gold Medal Indy International

August 2019 Wine Of The Month

The August 2019 Wine Of The Month is Velvet Rose, get 3 bottles for $30.

Velvet Rose is a Sweet Rose’ Wine made from Red Muscadine estate-grown grapes. One sip will take you back to eating Muscadines from your grandparents’ backyard. 💕

Wine Of The Month | Red, White and Blue in honor of Independence Day

Independence Day

The July 2019 Wine Of The Month is not actually a wine, it’s a special! This months special is Red, White, and Blue in honor of Independence Day!

1-bottle each of Red Muscadine, White Muscadine and Blueberry Wine at 20% off.

Must buy a minimum of 1-bottle and equal increments of each wine for the sale price, the discount does not apply to additional wine purchases.

*Wine Of The Month Deal only available on purchases made at the Winery.

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Wine Of The Month – June 2019 – Strawberry Wine

Wine Of The Month - June 2019 - Strawberry Wine

Wine Of The Month Special: Strawberry Wine – 3 bottles for $39*

The June 2019 Wine Of The Month is Strawberry Wine. Strawberry Wine, is a springtime favorite in the South as well as all around the world.  This wine has just the right amount of sweetness but not too much to overpower the taste of strawberry.  It makes a delightful afternoon sipping wine on hot days.  Best served chilled and goes well with dark chocolate and cheesecake.

*Wine of the Month offer is only valid when purchased at the winery.

Not a fan of the Strawberry Wine? That’s ok. You can buy our other wines by clicking here.

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