Valentine’s Day early warning system

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and in order to help men and women not forget about the special day, we have designed the “Valentine’s Day Early Warning System” this way you can make sure that your loved ones remember to get you wine (and other stuff for Valentine’s).

Valentine's Day Early Warning System

We at Century Farm Winery are here for you. We know that he (or she…. but mostly he, because men forget Valentine’s Day all the time) works hard and has a busy schedule and as much as they would love to get you an amazing gift early to avoid lines and chaos, sometimes we can forget and wait until the last minute.

That is where we come in. It’s simple. Sign your loved one or loved ones… (spouse, significant other, kids… ) and we will send them a few reminders and notes about Valentine’s Day but most importantly we will give them a Super Last Minute Warning to make sure they don’t forget on Friday and Monday (we are working hard to make sure they do not screw this up 🙂  ). Click here to sign up a loved one and make sure someone you care about does not forget about Valentine’s Day.

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